Real Pickles

Real Pickles

I’m always on the hunt for good NY deli style pickles.  Nothing quite compares to the taste of those pickles I used to get straight out of the barrel at the supermarket when I was little.  Low and behold, I recently discovered something even better at my local market – Real Pickles organic dill pickles.  These have that out of the barrel taste with a little extra tang.  Not only are these the perfect sour pickle, but they are raw and naturally fermented which equals good for you!  Naturally fermented raw pickles contain active cultures and enzymes which aid in digestion and lactic acid which normalizes acid levels in the stomach. Visit Real Pickles to learn about other health benefits and to purchase them for yourself.  I hear kittens like them too.


  1. Mardi says:

    she looks just like the one on your blog, which i love by the way! Thanks for visiting sprout & pea.
    These pickles are amazing by the way.

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