Hot Dogs To Impress Your Friends

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Thanks to a certain someone, I’ve recently taken on bike riding as a frequent activity and way to whip my ass into shape.  Yesterday, we conquered some bridges and spent the day riding to and from Brooklyn and Manhattan.  When we got home, I felt accomplished and hungry!  It was time to reward ourselves with a filling meal and veggie dogs were calling our names.

To spruce them up a bit, I made some homemade relish and a greek yogurt topping and we added a little dijon mustard.  I’d say that the only thing off here was the chorizo style veggie dogs we used because the flavor overpowered our experimental trimmings.  This would have been perfect with a regular ol’ beef dog or veggie dog.  These toppings turned out great though and could definitely be used on burgers too.


3 sliced Real Pickles
4 caperberries
1/2 small shallot chopped
1/4 of medium sized orange pepper (or pepper of your choice)
dash of Worcestershire sauce
few dashes of red wine vinegar
Blend together in food processor until finely chopped

Yogurt Topping

1 6 oz cup of 0% Fage Greek Yogurt
1/2 small shallot chopped
Dash of Adobo
1/2 tsp olive oil
1/2 a lemon
stir all ingredients together

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