A Sauce for Dinner and Breakfast

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Artichokes are by far my favorite vegetable. I think I grew up loving them so much though because of the dip my mom always made to go with them. I recently made a steamed artichoke and this delicious but very mayo heavy dip and decided it might be about time to embrace my health conscious ways and try to make my own, healthier version of mayonnaise.

Eggs Benedict Sans Meat

Most mayonnaise you buy in a jar has polyunsaturated fatty acids from vegetable oils that are bad for you. I still have yet to try making my own mayo but stay tuned for upcoming entry. In the meantime, here are a few recipes I plan on trying:

Olive oil substitute

Made with greek yogurt

Made with almonds

Meanwhile, I had some leftover sauce from my artichoke and I had always wanted to make eggs benedict so I did just that – minus the meat. It turned out to be a super simple, delicious breakfast. I poached and egg, placed it on top of an ezekiel english muffin and poured the leftover sauce on top. Yum!

2 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1 whole lemon
1/2 shallot – chopped
dash of tabasco sauce
dash of adobo
dash of paprika

mix together mustard and mayonnaise, add lemon, shallots and seasoning and stir together

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