Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Eggs.… Israel?

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A few months ago, I took a trip to Israel with my family. I was really inspired by the food there – although, I think being there during Passover made me swear off of matzoh for good. My favorite places were all of the little hole in the wall cafes that served nothing but ten different kinds of hummus. We were lucky enough to be with friends who knew of the best ones to take us to. If you haven’t noticed yet, we can also add hummus to the list of foods that I’m crazy about, so needless to say, this was like food heaven for me.

Thanks to a favorite food blog that was also a huge inspiration to me starting Sprout & Pea, I discovered one of my favorite white bean recipes that I now make at least once a week for dinner. It’s a white bean puree with a poached egg on top. You can find the recipe here. Pictured above, is my breakfast spin-off of this delicious dish – poached egg with hummus sauce on an ezekiel tortilla. There’s not much of a recipe here. Since I’m usually rushing to eat breakfast before work, I decided to just take some store-bought organic hummus and mix it with a little white vinegar to thin it out and give it some tang. I sprinkled a dash of garlic pepper (my favorite seasoning) into the mix and poured it over the eggs. This turned out to be delicious and I’ve decided that I am calling it Eggs Israel as a tribute to my Israel hummus inspiration. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Health Note: Vinegar not only gives this and many recipes a nice bite, but it also has some supposed health benefits, including aiding in digestion. Some people also believe that certain vinegars help with high blood pressure and help to fight cancer. One of the most health-beneficial vinegars is apple cider vinegar. Growing up, my mom always told me to drink some (carefully) when I was feeling sick. You can read about more health benefits, including immune support, on the Braggs site. Apparently, it may even help fight aging.

Here are a few shots of the gorgeous spices and foods I came across in the local markets in Israel. My favorite discovery was almond fruit (pictured below). They are large, green and fuzzy and they taste nothing like almonds.

Almond Fruit

Spices at Israel Market

Spices at Israel Market

Israel Spice Market

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