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Time for more neighborhood promotion!  This one, you should definitely check out.  I’ve been reading about Eat cafe everywhere so last night some friends and I decided to finally check it out.  Not knowing quite what to expect, we entered into a music-less, fan cooled, generally quiet room, served ourselves some water from recycled bottles in cute recycled jars and had a seat at one of their large handcrafted wood bench tables.

Eat Cafe

It’s BYO so, we cracked open our bottle of red with their provided bottle opener and went up to the counter to take a peak at the night’s menu.  The biggest draw to this place for all of us was that ALL of their food is locally sourced from organic farmers in the northeast.  Since what they serve depends upon what’s in season, their menus change daily.  They only have about 5 or 6 items on the menu each night but they always sound fresh and have a mouthwatering combination of ingredients.  This place feels like going to a friend’s apartment for dinner where you know everything is homemade.  Here, however, you also know that everything going into your dish is local and organic.  When you wander up to the counter to place your order with the solo chef in the home-style kitchen, you feel even more reassured that this is going to be made with a little TLC and taste fresh and delicious – and fresh and delicious it was!  My roommate and I shared the new potato and string bean salad with scallion, hard boiled egg, herbs and greens, along with the potato gnocchi with zucchini, slaw, garlic and herbs.

Eat cafe meal

Eat Cafe meal

Both were two of the freshest meals I’ve had in a long time.  Our friends also shared the gnocchi and split a carrot and turnip salad with whole spelt and spring lettuce which they loved.

Eat Cafe meal

By the end of the meal, the background noise of flowing conversations became substitute for the lack of music and despite the heat, we all felt refreshed and healthified.  We even planned an upcoming camping trip where we plan to bring along fresh items like this to munch on!  If you don’t live in the neighborhood, i highly recommend making the trek to Eat – your body will love you for it.

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