A Summer Friday Snack

Sage General Store

I heart summer Fridays at work.  I get out early, meet up with friends, go for a bike ride or stroll around and take in a relaxing early start to the weekend.  Last Friday my friend met me at work and on our way home, we passed through Long Island City and decided to stop for a quick bite at Sage General Store.  I am officially a big fan of this place.�

Not only do they work with local farmers and suppliers (enough to draw me into any restaurant or cafe), but the environment is cozy and warm – the kind of local spot I always yearn for.  And to kick the likability of this place up one more notch, the food is homemade and delicious!

Sage General Store

Pictured here is what was a big bowl of roasted red beets and incredible mac and cheese.  Unfortunately, i finished it all before I remembered to take a photo.  It was that good!

mac & cheese and red beets

My friend’s gazpacho was a perfect refreshment for this heat wave and has inspired me to try to make my own.  I also love these cute, little ceramic bowls they serve their “blue plate specials” in.  You will definitely find me back here for one of their brunch pizzas soon.  Neuske’s bacon, caramelized onions, ricotta, crème fraiche pizza? Yes please!


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