Holy Cow, Murray

murray's cheese

Please excuse the cheesy (ok, enough with the puns) title on this one – I had to. This past weekend I went up to visit my parents at the summer camp they run in Connecticut. Since I was born into a cheese loving family and there happens to be a Murray’s Cheese shop at Grand Central, it has become a bit of a tradition that I arrive from New York with cheese in hand when I visit.

Truthfully, the site, smell and taste of stinky cheese around the house when I was younger was enough to make me want to run away from home.  Not literally, but let’s just say I didn’t enjoy the stuff.  Over the years, my palette expanded and I now can’t help but indulge in the stinkiest of cheeses.  In fact, the smellier the better!

On this particular visit, I happened to discover two of the best cheeses I have ever tasted.  This is not an exaggeration.  So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Cypress Grove, Truffle Tremor and Ewephoria Sheep Milk Gouda.  Goat cheese + black truffles = enough said.  As for the Gouda, it was sweet and nutty with an incredibly pungent flavor and bite.  Both left an amazing lingering taste, resulting in me nearly eating all of what is pictured above.

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