Brooklyn Label

Brooklyn Label Red Flannel Hash

I moved to Greenpoint (cute little area in Brooklyn) about a year ago.  On our first day settling in to our new apartment, my roommate and I decided to take a break from unpacking and check out the new neighborhood.  We quickly stumbled upon what has since become one of our favorite local spots – Brooklyn Label.  It is by far my favorite brunch in the area.  Pictured above is my favorite dish, red flannel hash, which is roasted red beets with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.   Need I say more?

At brunch this Sunday, my friend ordered their Frozen Mayan which is an ice blended cocoa drink with a kick of spice at the end.  The best thing about this drink is it isn’t too sweet – it’s just the right amount of sweet in fact, like my sweet friend pictured here enjoying her delicious drink ;)

Jen enjoying a Frozen Mayan

Their menus are diverse and remind me of the kind of food I like to cook at home.  Not to mention, they offer plenty of options for all of the nearby vegetarians, and if you’re often glued to your computer like me, they also have free wireless.  This place feels like your favorite local coffee shop, but has the added bonus of delicious food with good tunes always on rotation.

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