Half Baked

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I know I just went on and on about how great Van Leeuwen is in my previous post, and they are!  But when it comes down to my all-time favorite ice cream flavor – the kind you run to the bodega for in the wee hours of the night when you’re having a craving – Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked takes the cake.  The beauty of Half Baked is the brownie and cookie dough swirled in with the chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  So, when I decided to make cupcakes this weekend, I drew inspiration from my favorite flavor.

I loved the way the gluten-free almond butter brownies I made had turned out so I decided to turn these into cupcakes.  I went back and forth with icing toppings – including goat cheese frosting –  and finally settled on cookie dough, a topping I had once tried from a recipe on Not Eating Out In NY.

The recipe for the cupcakes is the same as my earlier brownie recipe.  As for the cookie dough, I sort of made this one up and used gluten-free flour, agave, almond milk, butter and chocolate chips.  It was a bit grainy from the flour, so I would maybe suggest just indulging and going with a recipe like this.

Regardless, these turned out pretty decadent and delicious.  They were so good that Ricksby and Nicky had a little fight over them…

ricksby and nicky eating cupcakes


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