Baked Green Tomatoes

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Aside from relaxation and sunshine, traveling back home to visit my parents in Miami means two big indulgences: My mom’s incredible cooking and fried green tomatoes from Joe’s Stone Crab. Joe’s is a famous restaurant in Miami that my family and I traditionally get takeout from when I’m home.  Not being much of a seafood eater (Ok, I hate the stuff), I quickly discovered their incredible, greasy, tangy breadcrumb covered green tomatoes. These will forever be one of my favorite snacks.  Since I had some green tomatoes left over after pickling, I decided to try making a healthier spin on Joe’s fried green tomatoes.

For this, I lightly toasted some Ezekiel bread and put it into the food processor to create some bread crumbs.  I thought I might try to keep this simple and just add some olive oil, but the mixture wasn’t sticking to the tomatoes at all.  So, I added in a little almond flour which helped a bit.  Once I coated the tomato slices, I placed them on a baking sheet at 350 degrees and baked them for about 20 – 30 minutes.  This proved to be a bit too long as the tomatoes came out a bit mushy.  Since this was a total experiment, I had no idea what to expect.  The breadcrumb mixture was a bit too greasy as well.  Next time I think it would be wise to add something like water and more flour to bind the mixture together better and to bake it a little less longer so that the tomatoes are still pretty firm.

Here is one recipe that I came across that looks great and that I might just try out on round two of the baked green tomato trial.

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