A Day With Brooklyn Grange Farm

brooklyn grange tomatoes

I recently won a raffle through Brooklyn Based to spend a day with Ben Flanner and the Brooklyn Grange folks!  I love going over to Eagle Street Rooftop Farms, which Ben also founded,  so I was really excited to spend a day on an even larger rooftop farm learning all about what these guys do (not to mention this is the first time I’ve ever won anything). I met Ben early Sunday morning for a coffee and we chatted a bit about Brooklyn Grange.  They’re located on a huge rooftop in Long Island City where they grow vegetables to sell to local people and businesses.  Their goal, simply, is to get people eating farm fresh vegetables and these guys provide access to that.  I biked over to the farm with Ben and we quickly got to harvesting for their Sunday farmers market at Roberta’s in Bushwick (this also happens to be one of my favorite pizza spots). We picked fresh green tomatoes, purple tomatillos, napa cabbage, carrots, radishes, eggplants, dandelion greens, pea shoots, fresh herbs, scallions and lots of saute greens just to name a few!  I tasted everything as we went along and these truly were the most incredible veggies and greens I have ever had.  The cherry tomatoes had such an intense sweetness and all of the herbs etc. tasted so flavorful and fresh.  I also got to meet Gwen Schantz, co-founder of Brooklyn Grange and the Farm Manager at Roberta’s.  When we finished harvesting we loaded everything into her truck and headed over to Roberta’s to set up the farmers market.  After laying everything out on the tables, it looked like vegetable heaven and I wanted to eat all of it.  Also at the farmers market was Laena McCarthy of Anarchy In A Jar who’s jams are amazing.  My favorite flavor was her Strawberry Balsamic Jam. Before I left for the day, I took home some green tomatoes and saute greens and immediately got to cooking them all up as soon as I got home (posts to follow).  I had a fantastic day with these guys and if you live nearby, I hope you will check them out, support them, treat your body well and eat their incredible food!

brooklyn grange tomato


baby peppers

Roberta's Farmers Market

Roberta's Farmers Market

Anarchy In A Jar

Roberta's Farmers Market

Roberta's Farmers Market

With Ben and Laena

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