Juicing & An Unusual Pepper

Corey's JuicePhoto By Corey Towers

This post is going up in honor of the lovely print of the above photo that I just received from my friend, Corey. A few months ago after a cold, rainy Light The Night walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, I stopped off at Corey’s place to warm up and to my delight, to have some unusual and delicious snacks.  Corey had recently become addicted to juicing so I was excited when our conversation was suddenly drowned out by the sound of his beloved juice machine.

Pictured above is the concoction he created with garlic, ginger, orange, lemon, beet, celery, pear, heirloom tomato and cucumber.  Since I’m a big fan of vegetable juices, and especially those with garlic and ginger, I dove right in.  This is not a drink for the weak of heart, but for those who like to try new things, Corey’s juice- or any fresh made vegetable juice- is a great way to get your daily dose of veggies in.

Shishito Peppers

When Corey was done juicing, he prepared some beautiful Japanese peppers called Shishito Peppers. I probably should have saved some juice to wash these down with because these little guys are spicy!  They are like eating a spicy, slightly bitter baby bell pepper.  They’re perfect on their own – all you need to do is blister them in a pan with some salt and they make a perfect little snack, and they’re packed with vitamin A and C as well.

Thanks for the yummy snacks, CT (and for the dry socks for the subway ride home – that I still need to return to you)!

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