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This weekend was one of those magical ones where a spontaneous road trip with no specific direction turned into a special day to remember and the discovery of one of my new favorite places. Some friends and I had decided that we wanted to rent a car and drive out to a beach town for the day on Saturday. After quite a setback with picking up the “cheaper” rental car at the airport, and an overcast morning, my two friends finally arrived in Brooklyn to pick the rest of us up and with horns honking and faces smiling, the sun came out just in time. With time more restricted than expected, we decided to set out to Tarrytown, New York- a quaint little town that is home to one of my new favorite specialty food shops.

Mint was the first place we passed after we parked our car and it was calling my name. We entered into a very small space packed floor to ceiling with an array of cheeses, meats and products from around the world- in other words, my own personal heaven.

Robin & Jen Browsing Mint




Robin sipping melted chocolateRobin sipping some heavenly melted chocolate

I think my love of cheese and truffles quickly became very obvious to the owner of the shop because he instantly started cutting me slices of truffle cheese and donned me the nickname “truffle girl” as he fed me samples of truffle honey and truffle dijon mustard. The samples didn’t stop there- Hassan, the friendly face who runs Mint, offered us honey baked pecans and jams to taste, along with the most incredible melted chocolate drink any of us had ever consumed. With a lack of finances and an urge to splurge, Hassan guided me in the right direction and helped me decide what to purchase. I went with the truffle salt and some high quality balsamic vinegar. After picking up a random bottle of balsamic and asking if it was good for bruschetta, Hassan showed me something better – and cheaper! He explained the leaf rating system and that I would want a 4 leaf balsamic to drizzle over bruschetta or cheese. With money to spare and the perfect products for my Saturday supper club appetizer, I left Mint wishing that this shop was a little bit closer to home- but you can be sure that I will be making the trek out to Tarrytown again to visit Hassan and his incredible selection of foods.

Our trip ended with an impromptu visit to the nearby town that I grew up in as a young kid and a beautiful drive along the Hudson River. It was a perfect Saturday Mini Adventure that caught us and our cheese and chocolate loving taste buds by pleasant surprise.

Kate, Robin & Jen on the Hudson


  1. Eli says:

    I went up to Tarrytown last month to visit Blue Hill Farm. It was really nice! You should check it out next time you’re over there.

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