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Yesterday, my awesome intern at work brought me cupcakes for my birthday. Not just any cupcakes- gluten-free, vegan Babycakes. Like most offices, the countless number of cupcake-tastic celebrations we have has made the site of the sugary, coma inducing treats a bit unappealing.  But not these! These cupcakes were right up my alley and while some may disagree on their tastiness, I really enjoyed them. Packed with garbanzo and fava bean flour, agave, coconut oil, and cocoa powder-just to name a few ingredients- these vegan sensations are exactly how I like my sweets – healthy, not too rich, tasty and best of all they leave your stomach happy and your body with energy to face the rest of the day.

I’d actually like to use this post as a shining example of healthy foods that give you energy versus nutrition-less white sugar and white flour packed desserts that leave you feeling sluggish. Why does this happen? First, the garbanzo bean flour in Babycakes cupcakes has lots of fiber and protein and is packed with nutrients like iron, folate and magnesium to name a few. You can read more about the benefits here. Agave is another reason you won’t find your energy level drop from these sweets. With a low glycemic index that doesn’t spike blood sugar levels, you won’t get a huge sugar rush and then crash like you would with white sugar. More on that here. While the flavor of vegan, gluten-free cupcakes might not be for everyone, don’t knock them until you try them. If you’re not up to jumping on the Babycakes bandwagon and you’re craving something sweet, I recommend at least substituting agave and almond flour or garbanzo bean flours in your baked goods. More than anything, I like to follow the ever so wise Michael Pollan’s rule- eat as much junk food as you want, as long as you make it yourself. It’s always best to know what’s in the food you are feeding your body.

Thank you, Eli for introducing me to these special little sweets.

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