Thyme In The Country

Thyme In The Countrry Breakfast

Rounding out a weekend of incredible food, interesting people and inspiring places was the quaint bed and breakfast that housed us on our trip- Thyme In The Country. This eco-friendly spot is situated on a gorgeous farm right outside of the town of Hudson, NY. I’m certainly not the first to say that this is the place to stay if you ever find yourself in the area. Aside from the peaceful atmosphere, homey feel and adorable decor, Mary, the owner of Thyme In The Country, will make your stay incredibly comfortable and memorable with her big smile, delicious home cooked meals and excellent knowledge of the area – especially some lesser known spots that are worth a visit.

After a long day of ramp tasting, wine sipping and art garden exploring, we returned to the B&B ready for some rest and relaxation and to our delight, we were greeted by the aroma of fresh baked cookies. We enjoyed our midnight snack, along with some homemade lemon and mint seltzer water, while we sat in the kitchen and chatted with Mary about our day. In the morning, we awoke to the smell of fresh baked cornbread and made our way downstairs to find a delicious farm fresh breakfast. As if the cornbread and tea weren’t enough, Mary had prepared sorrel and goat cheese omelettes with asparagus and hollandaise for us, along with some ginger and peach jam and bowls of fresh yogurt and blackberries. Every ingredient was direct from the farm right outside the dining room window and after enjoying each bite of this tasty meal, we had a great chat with Mary and Bill.

Before heading back to the big city, we ventured out for a little exploration on the beautiful farm and met some of the chickens and cows that had just arrived the previous day. Thyme In The Country isn’t just your typical bed and breakfast. It’s a special experience that surpasses any place I’ve stayed with its warmth and generosity. Be sure to check out their new blog for upcoming events like this weekend’s A Day in The Life of an 1880’s Farm Family. Thank you, Mary and Bill for a wonderful time in the country!

home made cornbread

ginger and peach jam

home made yogurt and blackberries

thyme in the country kitchen

breakfast table

nearby farm land


feeding chickens


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