Sweet Potato With A Poached Egg & Tangy Arugula Sauce

sweet potato poached egg with goat cheese and arugula sauce

I’ve mentioned this before, but eggs benedict and dishes of this sort are amongst my favorite brunch meals. While I love to indulge in this now and then, I also find myself wishing more restaurants made tasty and healthier veggie variations on the classic poached egg meal. So, I’m constantly racking my brain for creative ideas on how to put a tasty twist on it. I’ve made it with an artichoke heart as the base with a red pepper aioli, and I’ve made it with avocado, sauteed tomatoes and shallots and a Greek yogurt hollandaise sauce.  My most recent preparation, and perhaps my new favorite, was inspired by a ton of leftover arugula in my refrigerator.

I thought about making a salad for dinner, but then suddenly an idea for an arugula sauce over a poached egg popped into my head. I ran with it and decided that I would need something slightly sweet to pull everything together. Browsing the market for veggie possibilities, I settled on a bin of sweet potatoes, stood for a moment, whisked around some ideas and finally tossed a sweet potato into my basket and headed to the dairy isle to pick up some tangy goat cheese and some Greek yogurt. As is often the case when experimenting, I had no clue how this would turn out and just hoped for the best.

When I got home, I sliced up the sweet potato and tossed them into the oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. While those were baking, I dove in head first and nervously started tossing ingredients into my food processor. These days, my small bank account can’t exactly spare money on wasted ingredients, so this needed to work. When I took a spoonful and tasted the sauce I was not only relived, but ecstatic. This somehow had turned out exactly as my taste buds had imagined, if not better. With optimism for a delicious meal running through my veins, I poached my eggs just in time for the sweet potatoes to finish. I topped the sweet potatoes with some goat cheese and arugula, gently laid my egg on top and poured the sauce over it all. With one bite, I was in breakfast for dinner heaven, and so was my house guest- who happens to be a very picky eater. Here’s how to make it…

1 Sweet potato (the thicker the better, so you can have a large base)
1-3 eggs (you can make up to 3 of these with the amount of sauce below)
1 tbsp white vinegar (for poaching eggs)
1 tbs goat cheese (per potato slice)
Small handful of arugula (per potato slice)
Extra virgin olive oil to coat sweet potato slices
Salt and pepper to taste

1 small 6oz container of Greek yogurt
3 tbs goat cheese
2 tbs lemon
1/2 cup arugula
Pinch of salt (small pinch)
1 tbs water (as necessary)

Pre-heat over to 400 degrees. Slice Sweet potato into 1/2 inch thick slices. Line baking sheet with parchment paper, coat each sweet potato with a little bit of olive oil and sprinkle of salt and pepper. Bake for 30 minutes, flipping slices halfway through.

While potatoes are baking, make the sauce. In a food processor, combine the Greek yogurt, goat cheese and lemon and blend until smooth. Add arugula and small pinch of salt and blend again until arugula is completely blended into sauce. If your sauce is still a little thick, add a dash of water to thin out a bit. Let sit aside.

When potatoes are about 10 minutes from being finished, boil about 3 inches of water and a tablespoon of white vinegar in a small pot. Once boiling, reduce to simmer, crack an egg into a small cup and pour into the simmering water, scooping any egg whites towards the yolk witha a spoon. Repeat with the rest of your eggs if making more. Let simmer for about 3 minutes.

Remove sweet potatoes from the oven, spread tbs of goat cheese on top, add layer of arugula and place poached egg on top. Pour sauce over the egg and serve.

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