Half Homemade Pizza

Pizza with Avocado and Basil

My roommate has an adorable accessory line called Teeny House Bunny and last night we returned from a weekend of shooting a short fashion video for it.  We had an incredible cinematographer and as soon as the edit is finished, I will post it on here because I’m just so darn proud of my roommate and I want everyone to know about her line.  I had big intentions to cook a healthy meal after a weekend of bagel eating but we arrived back to the city hungry, tired and past local grocery store closing time, so we decided to order in…

Teeny House Bunny Shoot

As this blog can attest to, I prefer to cook my own meals. A. I really enjoy it and B. I like knowing what is in the food that I am eating and where it came from. Every now and then, however, when I’m gathered around with some friends – ordering in a good old fashion cheese pie is the way to go! Last night, we ordered in a pizza from our neighborhood favorite, Carmine’s. Carmine’s is delicious as is, but in an effort to spruce it up a bit on our own and add some daily greens, we decided to run out to the one open vegetable stand and grab some fresh avocados and basil.  This turned out to be the perfect accent to my favorite NY slice and at $2 extra per topping at the pizza place, we even saved a couple of cents!

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