Allergy Fighting Nettle, Sorrel & Leek Soup

nettle soup

I was introduced to stinging nettle about a year ago via my favorite food podcast, Last Chance Foods. I was instantly sold on this green that folks claim cure seasonal allergies. Being that I’m allergic to just about everything, I quickly went on a mad hunt to find this magical wild plant, but I didn’t have much luck. It’s now a year later and as I was walking through the farmers market today, I finally spotted it. I grabbed a big bunch and headed home to make some nettle soup. Continue reading →

Maple Roasted Carrot & Sunflower Sprout Salad With Garlic Chips, Toasted Almonds and Yogurt Sauce

carrot and sunflower sprout salad

Last weekend was really lovely – my mom was in town! I dragged her all over Brooklyn by foot and by ferry and as per usual we spent most of our time eating. Saturday night, my cousin joined us for dinner at a delicious restaurant in Brooklyn Heights called Colonie. I love restaurants that are conducive to sharing and Colonie’s menu is tailored for just that. We ordered far too many dishes, but we devoured them all. One of the standout plates on our table was a roasted carrot salad with sunflower sprouts. This was my first introduction to these slightly sweet, watery little greens and I loved them. I adore a dish with simple ingredients that balance together perfectly and that’s what happened when I put a little bit of each ingredient on my fork. When I came across sunflower sprouts at the market this week, I decided to try to recreate this dish. Continue reading →

Healthy & Simple Vegan Mayonnaise

vegan mayo

Artichokes are my favorite vegetable and this is in part because I grew up eating them with my mom’s delicious mayo, shallot and lemon sauce – a sauce that doesn’t exactly add any health factor to this beautiful, nutritious green vegetable. I’ve attempted a variation on the sauce in the past using Greek yogurt but it just wasn’t quite the addictive sauce that I grew up with. Trying my best to get back into a healthy eating routine, when I found myself craving an artichoke tonight, I decided I would pick up some vegan mayo to make the dipping sauce with. To my surprise, there was only one brand available on the shelf at Whole Foods and the list of ingredients were endless and foreign to me. I put it down and decided to try to make my own vegan mayo.

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Napa Cabbage Stir-Fry With Smoked Almonds

After a weekend of eating out, followed by a Monday morning bagel and cream cheese spread at work, my body was hating on me for the gluten, meat and dairy overload. So, this week I am giving myself a gluten-free vegan cleanse in anticipation of indulging again this weekend during my thirtieth birthday festivities. I was craving greens yesterday and when I went to the market to purchase my favorite vegetable, an artichoke, there were none left. So, I browsed the bountiful aisle of green veggies and landed on napa cabbage. Continue reading →

Simple Healthy Homemade Pad Thai

pad thai

In the summer I crave Mexican food and in the winter I cannot get enough Thai food. Specifically, this winter. My co-workers and I have gotten into a bad habit of ordering thai food for lunch on cold, rainy and snowy days and I have gotten into the bad habit of ordering it for dinner on lazy evenings. I decided it was time to stop wasting money and stop eating food with mystery ingredients, so the other night I attempted homemade pad thai. Continue reading →

Vegan Pasta Alla Vodka With Smoky Shiitake Bacon

vegan vodka sauce

I’ve never been a fan of mushrooms, but that all changed this evening when I discovered the wonderful flavors of shiitake bacon. Recently, I’ve been attempting to curb my winter dining out addiction and really focus on cooking delicious plant-based meals, and this shiitake bacon is the perfect way to satisfy my cravings for rich, savory meaty flavors. Continue reading →

White Bean “Risotto” With Swiss Chard & Mascarpone

no-rice risotto

After a fun, but long day shopping at Ikea with some friends, instead of building the bed frame that I bought, I decided to make a quick dinner and plop myself on the couch. This “no-rice risotto” is a recipe I had come across earlier in the week and was excited to try. It completely hit the spot and gave me the energy I needed the next day to tackle some bed building. Here is the recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Green Kitchen StoriesContinue reading →

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad With Pecorino,Toasted Hazelnuts, Lemon & Truffle Oil

shaved brussels sprouts salad (1 of 1)

This is a very belated holiday post, but it’s a recipe that can be made year round! Last year, a Christmas Eve tradition began. As I and two of my wonderful friends are often the only folks left in Brooklyn on this Holiday, we’ve begun spending the whole weekend together. Conveniently, they happen to live next door. Last Christmas Eve, we went to the movies and spent the late part of the evening getting the royal treatment in an empty bar around the corner. The night was cozy and perfect. Continue reading →

Vegan B.L.T. With Smoked Chickpeas, Kale & Hearts of Palm-Sundried Tomato Spread

vegan blt

I love discovering new food blogs and recently I stumbled across Have Cake Will Travel. After spending far too much time on my lunch break browsing through delicious recipes, I stopped on one that really caught my eye, and more importantly my stomach. It was a recipe for a vegan peanut butter banana bacon sandwich. The best part about this is that the “bacon” is actually smoky roasted chickpeas. This sounded brilliant as both a snack and a bacon substitute. Continue reading →

Hearts of Palm & Sundried Tomato Dip

Hearts of palm were always one of my favorite salad additions growing up. My mom introduced me to them at a young age and I could often be found snacking on them when most kids would be snacking on potato chips (don’t worry, I also snacked on potato chips). I had never really thought to do much else with them aside from tossing them into a salad. That was until I came across a recipe for a vegan BLT that included a hearts of palm spread. Continue reading →